Ambler Surgical - About Us

History & Vision

Ambler Surgical was founded in 1997 with the goal and vision to create a new experience for surgical facilities worldwide that would provide them with a reliable and efficient resource for specialty surgical instruments – while maintaining the highest standard of quality available in our industry.

For over two decades, Ambler Surgical has been changing the surgical instrument industry with its dedication to integrity, quality, value, expertise, service and above all convenience – with the most advanced, user-friendly online catalog.

We’re extremely proud to be your first choice for any specialty surgical instrument

It is our sincere hope that you will have an unsurpassed experience with Ambler Surgical and we will successfully meet all of your expectations with respect and integrity.

We never stand still

We continually gather client feedback and work with our team of nurse managers and expert advisors to deliver a website experience designed from your perspective.

We continually invest in the latest e-commerce platforms that enable us to implement many of our customer recommendations as well as partnering and distributing the latest and greatest instruments available.

Some of the key improvements on our new online catalog include:

  • Instant, reliable and seamless navigation
  • Attribute based product browsing
  • Latest contract pricing
  • High resolution product images as well as close ups
  • Expansive cross-reference database
  • Cleaning & Sterilization documents provided for each item
  • Downloadable product flyers
  • Simplified return policy
  • Improved related and cross sell products
  • Responsive website designed for all devices