Ambler Alliance

Partner with Ambler Surgical and form an Alliance!

Ambler AllianceAmbler Surgical, with the industry's largest selection of Ophthalmology, Micro Surgery and Plastic Surgery instruments, formed an alliance with our customers helping multi-specialty facilities reduce expenses and gain value on instruments, specialty items and cleaning / sterilization products on every order.

Don't be challenged by these familiar issues:

  • GPO's that can't provide specialty / niche instruments
  • Time wasted soliciting multiple quotes
  • Negotiating for lowest price on every order
  • Excessive shipping costs

10% Discount on all Ambler Brand Instruments

Offering the largest selection of surgical instruments for Ophthalmology, Micro Surgery and Plastic Surgery our goal is to be your one-stop shopping resource; eliminating time wasted seeking a second or third quote. In return for allowing Ambler Surgical to help solve your instrument needs, we will automatically provide a 10% discount on all Ambler Brand instruments.

5% Discount on all Specialty and Cleaning / Sterilization Products

Every order of distributed product lines, specialty ophthalmic instruments or cleaning / sterilization products automatically receives a 5% discount. Examples include: Duckworth & Kent, Ocular Instruments, Volk Optical, Miltex, Bovie Medical, Oculo-Plastik, PST Trays and more.

1% Rebate Credit Generated on Every Order

Alliance customers receive a 1% credit with every purchase made during the year. Credits apply towards any product or service in the following year of the Alliance.

Free Shipping

Shipping fees can really add up over several orders especially when dealing with multiple vendors. Joining the Alliance will eliminate FedEx Ground shipping fees for all instrument, distributed and specialty product line orders over $100 and repair orders over $50.

Ambler Surgical wants to become a one-stop shopping resource for your facility. For an annual $250 enrollment fee, you can now eliminate time wasted shopping vendors for a better quote, augment your GPO and spend more time caring for patients.

Our goal is to deliver the best overall value and set the benchmark for client satisfaction. Alliance customers are entitled to all Ambler Surgical benefits including our exclusive Free Instrument Lifetime Repair and our Repair Rewards Credit Program.

If your monthly orders average $175 or more Call Ambler Surgical and and form an Alliance.

Ambler Alliance Partnership Examples

Ambler Brand Instruments $10,000 $25,000 $50,000
Specialty & Sterilization Products $2,500 $8,000 $15,000
Shipping Fees $175 $400 $725
Non-Alliance Total: $12,675 $33,400 $65,725
Alliance Pricing $11,375 $30,100 $59,250
YOU SAVE*: $1,300 $3,300 $6,475

*Plus 1% total purchases rebate applied toward the following year.

"Over the years we have been very pleased with how Ambler Surgical has tried to understand our needs and concerns. Now they have created a solution for off-contract needs, or contracts that just don't offer the ophthalmic instruments surgeons might request and even eliminate shipping fees! The Ambler Alliance made total sense to us. It has really helped our center with discounts on already great prices, significantly reducing our shipping expenses, all while tallying credits on every purchase."

Donna Cairone, RN, BS, BSN, CNOR, RNFA
Vision One Laser & Surgery Center