Ophthalmic Catalog # Cross-Reference

Ambler Surgical has developed a cross-reference system unmatched by anyone in our industry. You can quickly access over 110,000 catalog numbers from over 125 instrument companies!

Listing of competitor company product numbers currently in our cross-reference database:
Alcon* Allergan (AMO)* Anodyne Surgical* AOI*
Arthrex* ASICO* ASSI* Aurora Surgical*
BD Beaver* BD Visitec* Black & Black* Boss Instruments*
Buxton Biomedical* Codman* Conmed* Cooper Surgical*
D.O.R.C.* DePuy* Derron* Diamatrix*
Dufner* Eagle Vision* ExplorENT* FCI Ophthalmics*
Fine Science Tools* Fischer Surgical* Fortrad* George Tiemann*
GSource* Gyrus* Harper* Harvey Precision*
Hu_Friedy* Hurricane Medical* Icon Surgical* Impex Surgical*
Innomed* Invotec* Jarit* Jedmed*
JW Surgical* Karl Storz* Katalyst* Katena*
Key Surgical* Kirwan* KLS Martin* KMedic*
KMI* Life Instruments* Link Surgical* Marina Medical*
Medetz* Medicon* Medline* Micrins*
Millennium* Moria Surgical* MSI Precision* MST*
Oasis Medical* Pelion Surgical* Pilling* Redmond*
Rhein Medical* Richards* Ruggles* S&T*
Sabermed* Scanlan* Sharpoint* Sklar*
Snowden Pencer* Solan* Solos* Sontec Instruments*
Sparta* Spectrum Surgical* SSI* Stephens Instruments*
Stille* Storz (B&L)* Stryker* Superior Surgical*
Surgimed MLB* Synergetics* Synthes* Teleflex Medical*
Unique Technologies* V. Mueller* Vollrath* W. Lorenz*
Walcott Rx* Weck* Wexler Surgical* Wilson Ophthalmic*
Wolf* Xomed* Zimmer* Zinnanti*

*The above referenced companies are registered trademarks of the respective owners. Ambler Surgical has no affiliation whatsoever with the companies, nor do we distribute their products.