Cryosurgical Handpiece Repair Service

Cryosurgical Handpiece Repair

Ambler's expert technicians can repair Cryosurgical Handpieces for a fraction of the cost of replacement.
All handpieces are evaluated free of charge and a written report issued with your cost to repair.

** We do not proceed with your repair without your written authorization.**

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Typical Repair Charges*

Repair Level I: $325.00 - $375.00 includes:

Initial evaluation and service. This includes visual inspection, leak test, flow test, operational check, freeze and defrost time, sound displayed temperature, de-oxidize boiler tip, de-oxidize thermocouple contacts, repair minor tip bends as well as the exhaust port, and perform thermocouple isolation test.

Repair Level II; $700.00 - $850.00 includes:

All of Level I repairs plus inspection of internal components, filter cleaning, replacement of outer tubing and service to connector.

Repair Level III: $925.00 - $1,075.00 includes:

Any or all of Level II repairs plus complete repair to all internal components, high-pressure valve service, thermocouple replacement, filter / housing assembly replacement, teflon delivery tube replacement.

All Repairs Come with a 90 Day Limited Warranty on Parts and Labor.

* Pricing shown is for Frigitronics Brand Cryosurgical Probes. Pricing varies based on make and model of probe.
We repair all models of Keeler, Frigitronics, MIRA, and D.O.R.C. Cryosurgical Probes.

The above referenced companies are registered trademarks of the respective owners.
Ambler Surgical has no affiliation whatsoever with the companies, nor do we distribute their products.