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  • Ambler Surgical is committed to providing only the highest quality German and U.S. – made surgical instruments and products across
    many surgical specialties.
  • They include: Ophthalmology, ENT, Hand Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neuro/Spinal, Cardiovascular, OB/GYN, Orthopedic, General Surgery as
    well as Repair Services.

The most advanced, user-friendly, reliably accurate and comprehensive on-line catalog in our industry

  • Instantly cross-reference over 110,000 catalog numbers from over 125 companies, easily and intelligently.

Instant access to over 21,000 high quality surgical instruments

  • We hand select each instrument and stand behind its craftsmanship.

Honest pricing, real savings

  • We publish the latest pricing, so you never need to call to get the "real price."

Unmatched service, trusted expertise

  • Our dedicated sales team is trained in all aspects of surgical and specialty instruments, industry trends and competitive options.

Risk-Free Evaluation

  • If you purchase an Ambler Surgical Instrument and are unsatisfied with it for any reason (before sterilization), you can return it within
    30 days for full credit.

Lifetime Repair on Ambler Brand Ophthalmic Instruments*

Service Beyond the Sale

  • Through our informative email campaign and partnerships with several surgical societies, we are able to supply timely and valid
    information related to cleaning and sterilization, disease prevention and industry trends.

Contract Participation

  • We are a Premier, SCA, MAGNET, USPI, Surgery Partners, AmSurg and GSA contracted supplier.
  • If your organization is not on any of these contracts, we also offer the Ambler Alliance, a partnership with our customers that helps
    multi-specialty facilities reduce expenses and gain value on surgical instruments, sterilization products, and shipping expenses on every order. Click here for more information